Rocket Science VFX
We are a mid-size visual effects studio based in Toronto. Our team collaborates with high-end live action film and TV clients to design and create compelling stories and images. 3D Animators, Lighters, Matte Painters, Compositors and Coordinator/Managers work directly on the creative issues and storytelling for feature films and feature quality TV series. Our credits include the Resident Evil franchise, Rupture, Dolphin Tale, Hannibal, Hell on Wheels, Killjoys, and The Expanse.

3D Previz/Postviz Artist

Key Duties of the Job:
• Translating written/spoken descriptions or storyboard panels into dynamic 3D shots.
• Animation of vehicles, props, cameras and basic characters, taken to a high degree of finish.
• Ensuring the integrity of key assets that will be used down the pipeline are maintained.
• Presenting regular WIPs of a high calibre and presented in a consistent and clear fashion.
• Take direction from CG Supervisor and VFX Supervisors; animate and revise based on that direction.
• Work within a collaborative team environment.

• Maya, Nuke
• Thorough understanding of camera and shot composition combined with a cinematic eye.
• Understand dramatic storytelling and how previz interacts with and informs practical shooting.
• An understanding of both feature film and television VFX production pipelines.
• 3+ years experience in a live-action VFX Environment.

• A professional and friendly manner.
• A strong eye for detail, composition and timing.
• Ability to multitask, prioritize and problem solve.
• A team player with excellent communication skills.

• College Certificate &/or degree in animation/VFX, or applicable industry experience required.

• On site permanent full time and contract work available.
• Minimum 40 hours per week. Overtime and shifted work hours may be required from time to time to meet delivery deadlines.

Application Requirements:
• Demo Reel. Include notes regarding your contribution to the work.
• Cover letter and professional resume.
• Summarize your citizenship and legal ability to work in Canada.
Rocket Science’s creative team is housed in a massive turn of the century barn-like office in Toronto’s vibrant Roncesvalles Village. The building has been featured in the Globe & Mail due to it’s architecture, history and amenities, including an artisanal bakery cafe. The location is close to subway and transit, in a destination neighborhood with restaurants, shopping, nightlife and access to Lake Ontario, biking trails and High Park. The team enjoys free lunch Fridays, regular access to film screenings and constant training opportunities.
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